Climate change is a natural phenomenon that has been happening for millions of years, but it’s easy to see that human activity is accelerating the process. We can do more for our world by using renewable energy sources, to which this guide offers a brief overview. The following are the impacts of climate change on various elements of our ecosystem.

Forests and Wildlife. One of the most prominent causes of global warming is deforestation. Irrevocably, climate change also causes a threat to the forests and their habitation. Both of the aspects are proportional to each other. Deforestation or destruction of forest for commercial purposes leading to dying rotting trees causes immense harm to our environment. It is so because decaying trees releases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which turns out to be harmful to the animals habited in its surroundings. These emissions eventually add up to the number of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and enhance global warming.

Moreover, with a rise in temperatures, the weather patterns are likely to change. Thus, it leads to switching precipitation cycles, stretching growing season, shifting the geographical range a few species, etc. In accordance with the impacts of forests or the wildlife’s habitat, climate change is the major reason behind the extinction of certain animal species.

Oceans and other aquatic bodies. Oceans, seas, and even river, and lakes – none of the water bodies are indifferent to the impact of climate change. Talking about oceans, these aquatic bodies are the biggest absorbers of Carbon dioxide. However, the excess of its emission has turned the oceans more acidic and warm. It had a significant impact on the aquatic habitat. Hence, it resulted in the migration of certain fishes, and decay of resources extracted from the ocean bed. Further, in seas too, the coral reefs are highly prone to be endangered due to increasing levels of CO2.

Freshwater streams such as river and lakes were already being depleted because of drainages, damming, water pollution, etc. In addition to these problems, climate change is making the situation worse. The contingency of floods, droughts, and other natural calamities is at par in the present era.

Not to forget, the rampant global warming is highly affecting the Polar Regions too. It is true that the glaciers and ice caps are melting due to the excessive amount of CO2 present in the water bodies and atmosphere. It is leading to a significant rise in the ocean levels and sea levels. This impact is alarming to the emergence of disruption of the coastal areas and cities/habitats developed in coastal regions. Everyone should start educating themselves with the benefits of solar power