Nike basketball shoes are some of the most advanced shoes in the market, with some of the best and upgraded features for professional basketball players as well. Nike has proven to use art on footwear and also design them in such a way that all millennials appreciate it and buy them. Nike has received a reputation that cannot be beaten by any other brands. Nike also has a lot of technologies that have proven to be really helpful to those who use them. Here they are:

–    Nike Hyperfuse technology

–    Nike Dynamic Support technology

–    Nike Air technology

–    Nike Zoom technology

Zoom technology

–    Nike Lunarlon Cushioning technology

  1. The Kevin Durant 8 limited edition basketball shoes are designed with some excellent cushioning material and also rubber outsoles so that you can have some really good protection and great flexibility as well. The key feature of these shoes is that they have some really responsive cushioning which are designed in a way that it saves the player from any kinds of unwanted and sudden problems which would come from impact when the player lands on the ground when he jumps to shoot the ball into the basket. It has also been proven to reduce moisture in the sole, and it dries any present moisture and makes sure that it is bacteria-free. To know how, check out this guide.

Here are some advantages:

–    Their midsole is developed with phylon materials which provide lightweight cushioning and also some really great stability.

–    The outsole of the shoe is developed with some really great rubber for great traction and even flexibility.

–    The materials are equipped with materials that give it ultra-light support.


  1. Kobe X Elite Nike Basketball shoes is the best recommended by as they have been known to be equipped with some of the latest Nike technologies, and it will give you great strength, support and breathability as well. Some key features of these shoes are flexible cushioning, which does a great job at saving the player some unwanted shocks, which means that it absorbs the shocks that the player might experience to his feet. Nike Zoom technology has known to be a part of the Nike Air technology, which has been known to give some amazing cushioning during impact load. The technology also uses thin and even lightweight material at the midsole.

Some advantages are:

–    They are designed with the signature logo and the mamba, which is the inspired pattern at the top.

All the shoes that were talked about above are some of the best on the planet and will prove to be a really good option for you. They will also serve you well with absolutely no doubts regarding that matter. If you are looking for something which will fit in you budget, click here